About Us

We are three Bay Area residents and hiking enthusiasts.

We set up this website to start to document our weekend outdoor adventures, and try to start to explore slightly further afield.


Lindsay (in Yosemite)

Hello, my name is Lindsay, and I am a novice Mountain Biker.

We moved to California at the end of 2013, and up until that point the majority of any cycling I had done, was done on the Bath to Bristol cycle path that ran pretty near to our house in Bristol, which afforded a traffic free, reasonably flat, fully paved route to cycle on.


With our move to California, I found myself suddenly lacking a car, so lacking any other form of transport other than public, or my two wheeled steed. It was time to get confident on roads, or never go anywhere at all, so I joined a little meetup group set up by a lady I met hiking, and that gave me a little more confidence, then I got a job in Palo Alto and was commuting by bike and train every day. Now I am not so fazed by roads, but still am not so confident in mountain biking.

With our move to California, I also embraced the joy of hiking in our plentiful parks around the Bay area. While I was unemployed I joined the Mid-Week Hikers meetup group, and would try and get out as much as possible with them, exploring the area and getting some blood pumping through my veins! I specialize in apparently leading our little group on “all uphill” hikes 😉


Andrew hasn’t written anything yet.


Stephanie hasn’t written anything yet.

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