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Early Morning Mid-Week Hike: Rancho San Antonio

I have been a member of the Mid-Week Hikers group on since we moved to the Bay Area at the end of 2013. While unemployed and waiting for my work documents to come through, the group was great for getting me out of the house and exploring the area… and also for some adult human conversation.

(I would sometimes talk to my cats…. but they couldn’t answer. Or at least not in a language I could understand)

Today I had a bonus sort of day off work, as a VIP was visiting and we weren’t allowed in the building until after they had left, so I decided to join up with the hiking group and get outside!

Each week there seems to be an early hike starting at 7:30AM, at Rancho San Antonio in Cupertino, varying in the route slightly.

2015.07.23 Endomondo Data

Above is the Endomondo data for this morning. The planned route was Parking Lot – crossover to Hill Tank Trail – Coyote Trail – Wildcat Loop Trail –  Upper Wildcat Loop Trail – Vista Point – High Meadow Trail – Low Meadow Trail – Permanente Creek Trail – Parking Lot.

The view from the Vista Point down towards the Bay was kinda misty/foggy, but you could just make out the hangars at Moffett Field:

Vista Vista

In the opposite direction it was blue skies, crispy grass, and trees:


It was a good route, not too steep, but with a reasonable overall descent and ascent. We took it at a brisk, but not super fast, pace as a few people had work and appointments to get back to, we also saw some deer on the hike, including this little group that had very little fear:


Me? Well I then spent most of the rest of the day at Great America.

A good day 🙂